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Mr. Auclair - One-Stop History Shop

Ms. Ann Hennessey

Ms. Lussier

Class Projects

Ms. Bregoli - Holocaust (CP)

Ms. Bregoli - Holocaust (H)

Ms. Burrus - Adopt an Element

Ms. Burrus - Biome Travel Brochure

Ms. DeLand - The Great Gatsby Research Paper

Mr. Dowd - World War II Biographies

Ms. Evans - Beowulf

Ms. Evans - Othello Research

Ms. Goggin - War and Suffering Book Recommendations

Ms. Goggin - Hiroshima Research

Ms. Hennessey - Contemporary Issues

Mr. Hulseberg - Cold War Stories

Ms. Lesser - H - Lord of the Flies

Ms. Lesser - Fahrenheit 451 Literary Criticism

Ms. Sarnelli - Hiroshima

Ms. Sarnelli - Their Eyes Were Watching God

Mr. Tanguay - Genocide Studies Research Project

Ms. Varzeas & Ms. Wood - Romeo and Juliet Research


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Be a Digital Do-Gooder! Help with these crowd-sourced digitization projects.
A Google a Day Learn something new, while practicing your search skills.
Geoguesser How close can you guess where in the world these pictures were taken?
The WikiGame Find the shortest route between two Wikipedia articles.

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Class Projects

Mr. Auclair - Mass Culture in America 1880-1920
Mr. Auclair - WWI Webquest
Mr. Auclair - Election 2012
Mr. Auclair - The 1920's
Mr. Auclair - Urban Disasters
Mr. Auclair - The Roaring Twenties AP
Ms. Auclair - Bronze Vessels
Ms. Auclair - Day of the Dead
Ms. Auclair - Japanese Tea Bowls
Ms. Auclair - Birdhouses
Ms. Bregoli - Animal Farm
Ms. Bregoli - Holocaust
Ms. Bregoli - Holocaust (CP)
Ms. Bregoli - Holocaust (H)
Ms. Briggs - Biomes Research
Ms. Burque - Causes of the American Revolution
Ms. Burque - The Roaring Twenties AP
Ms. Burque - The Immigrant Experience
Ms. Burque - Robber Barons
Ms. Burque - Native Americans of the Great Plains
Ms. Burrus - The Great Gatsby
Ms.Burrus & Ms. Gallant - The Color of Water
Ms. Burrus & Ms. Gallant - The American Dream
Ms. DeGiso - Vintage Photo Galleries
Ms. DeGiso - Brave New World
Ms. DeGiso - The Color of Water
Ms. Evans - Censorship
Ms. Evans - Hiroshima and the Atom Bomb
Ms. Evans - Into the Wild
Ms. Evans - Women's Rights
Ms. Evans - Persuasive Essay
Ms. Evans - Resume Builders
Ms. Evans - Beowulf
Ms. Evans - Persuasive Essay
Ms. Evans - Resume Builders
Mr. Ferriter - Quabbin History
Ms. Fiskaa - Country information
Ms. Fiskaa - Puerto Rico
Ms. Goggin - To Kill a Mockingbird
Ms. Harms - Genetically Modified Food
Ms. Harms - Birth Defects
Ms. Harms - Child Development
Ms. Hennessey - Abortion Debate
Ms. Hennessey - Religion
Ms. Hennessey - "Invisible Child" Article from NYT
Ms. Hennessey - Socratic Seminar
Ms. Hennessey - Country Information
Ms. Hill - Sexually Transmitted Disease
Ms. Hill - Cost of Having a Baby Worksheet
Ms. Hill - Teen Parenting Web Quest
Ms. Hill - What do you know about mental health?
Mr. Hulseberg - American Imperialism
Mr. Hulseberg - Cold War Era
Ms. Jasinski - Signs of the Times (The Color of Water)
Ms. Jasinski - MLA Format
Ms. Jasinski - Utopian Communities
Ms. Jasinski - Handmaid's Tale Research
Ms. Kronenberg - Artist Biographies
Ms. Lesser - Angela's Ashes
Ms. Lesser - Angela's Ashes Poetry
Ms. Lesser - H - Lord of the Flies
Ms. Lesser - CP - Lord of the Flies
Ms. Lesser - 12H - Macbeth
Ms. Lesser - Othello CP
Ms. Lesser - Othello H
Ms. Lesser - Handmaid's Tale Paper
Ms. Lesser - CP- Catcher in the Rye
Ms. Lesser - H - Catcher in the Rye
Ms. Lesser - There Will Come Soft Rains
Ms. Lynskey - Inventors
Ms. Lynskey - Women's Suffrage
Ms. Lynskey - World War I
Ms. Murphy - Lord of the Flies
Ms. Murphy - Holocaust CP
Ms. Murphy - Holocaust H
Ms. Murphy - Lord of the Flies
Ms. Pietrzykowski - Final Projects
Ms. Pietrzykowski - Nickel and Dimed
Ms. Pietrzykowski - Native Americans
Ms. Rondeau - Biomes Research
Ms. Rozanska - SAT Practice
Ms. Sarnelli - History of Marriage
Ms. Sarnelli - The Roaring Twenties
Ms. Skorupski - Biographies
Ms. Skorupski - The Crucible
Mr. Surprise - Survey Bias
Mr. Surprise - Raw Data Repositories
Mr. Tanguay - American Imperialism
Mr. Tanguay - Abnormal Behavior
Mr. Tanguay - Psychology Biographies
Mr. Tanguay - World Religions
Ms. Tavares - Disease Research
Ms. Tavares - Cost of Raising a Baby
Ms. Varzeas - To Kill a Mockingbird
Ms. Varzeas - Romeo and Juliet Research
Ms. Winkler - Biomes
Ms. Winkler - Population Growth
Ms. Winkler - Grzimek's Animal Encyclopedia

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