Planning for College: What to do When

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Stay organized! Create a special file or folder for all of your college materials. This should include:
  • "Fact Sheet" of important names, addresses, and numbers
  • Calendar of important dates like application deadlines, test dates, open houses, etc.
  • College brochures and application requirements
  • Financial Aid and scholarship information
Created by The College Board, this website helps you customize a plan for yourself based on your grade and personal goals. See what you should be doing, semester by semester, and stay organized.
Too specific? Try the generic plans for each year.
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College Prep Checklist
Created by the US Department of Education, it includes information, tips, and schedules to help keep you on track every year of your high school career.

Finding a College

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Attend the CHS College Fair in October!
Visit local colleges!
Look at College Guides online, or in print in the Guidance office or the library.
College Search
BigFuture helps you find a school that fits your criteria - narrow 4,000 schools down to your perfect schools by selecting size, location, sports, majors, and campus life criteria.
Pre-College Tests
Take the PSATs at CHS in October!
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SAT Test Registration, practice and more
From the official SAT administrators, get tips, practice tests, find and register for a test, and learn how to be prepared on test day.
Also find out more about AP classes, and the SAT subject tests.
Testing and Education Reference Center CHICOPEE clic
Provides information on career colleges, vocational schools, graduate schools, scholarship opportunities, distance learning and much more. Take practice exams like AP, SAT, ASVAB and more. Includes the "Career Module" which helps users match their personality and interest to suitable occupations, build resumes and cover letters, and learn interviewing skills.

Applying for College

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Common Application
Use the Common Application to apply to over 500 colleges. Find out application requirements, submit scores, essays and more in one place.

Paying for College

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FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
File your FAFSA online and get thousands of dollars in loans, grants and work-study.
For practice, look at last years printed form FAFSA form 2013-2014 or try the FAFSA4caster
Don't get scammed! Filing your FAFSA is totally free! Make sure you are on the correct website!
Paying for CollegeIncludes step-by-step instructions, webinars, loan calculators, and links to scholarships.