Using a PowerPoint to teach the class one country's story from the Cold War (end of WWII to mid 1990's).

Create groups of 2 total people. Keep in mind that you cannot work with these people again for your final project.

  1. Israel/Palestine Conflict (Causes and Effects of the various battles and alliances)
  2. The Korean War (Causes and Effects)
  3. Cuba (Fidel Castro, Communism, and the Bay of Pigs)
  4. Iran (The Shah, Ayatollah Khomeni, Iran-Iraq War)
  5. Guatemala (Jacobo Arbenz and the CIA Wars)
  6. Afghanistan (Soviet-Afghan War, rise of the Mujahadeen, Al Queda)
  7. Egypt (Suez Crisis, 6 Day War, Yom Kippur War)
  8. Vietnam (Causes and Effects of the Vietnam War)
  9. Iraq (Iran-Iraq War, rise of Saddam Hussein, Operation Iraqi Freedom)

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An important part of this task is doing efficient and accurate research on your topic. You should:
  • Start general and get more specific
  • Use a variety of strong keywords, and add new keywords based on research you are completing
  • Adjust your strategy for different resources and based on success or failure
  • Use filtering strategies to narrow your searches to the best results
  • Use a variety of resources to get a well-rounded perspective and examine results for bias and accuracy
  • Ask for help if you get stuck


You must use 3 books (not including your textbook) and 2 websites in your research.

Books and Journal Articles

Countries and their Cultures (Encyclopedia series)
"Search within results" or click directly on your country below.
Gale Virtual Reference Library
Search over a hundred comprehensive and specialized reference books and multi-volume sets at once, in 18 standard subjects. Simple to browse or search, and all articles include citations. Sample titles included are: American Eras,Dictionary of American History, Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World, West's Encyclopedia of American Law and Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East and North Africa. All articles include formatted citations, and can be emailed, bookmarked or printed.
Biography in Context
Biographies of 600,000 individuals, with 50,000 added each year.
Includes additional information through full-text access to reference books, newspapers, and journals. Articles may be bookmarked, printed or emailed, and all articles include formatted citations.
World History in Context
Includes full-text access to a variety of reference publications, such as Encyclopedia of World History, Encyclopedia of Arms Control and Disarmament, Cold War Reference Library, and the International Military and Defense Encyclopedia. Includes primary source material, 12.4 million full-text articles from magazines and journals, image galleries, 6,200 video clips and 83,000 audio files.Clearly identifies and sorts results into "reference," "primary source," "news," etc.All articles include formatted citations.
Opposing Viewpoints
Delivers a range of perspectives on thousands of important issues.
Includes 13,000 pro/con viewpoints, 1,000 court case overviews, thousands of topic overviews, biographies and profiles.Includes full-text articles, and national and global news sources, as well as image galleries, videos, audio and podcasts. Includes access to hundreds of reference publications, such as Current Controversies and Information Plus. Clearly identifies and sorts results into "reference," "viewpoints," "primary source," "news," etc. All articles include formatted citations.
Global Issues in Context
Integrates news, global viewpoints, reference content, country information, primary source documents, statistical data and multimedia resources. Includes major reference sources, full-text journals, magazines, and newspapers, as well as video and audio clips from sources like NBC and NPR. Use this to find out about major global issues like poverty, global warming, nuclear proliferation, online piracy and more.
Academic OneFile
Includes full-text access to 7,500 peer-reviewed journals, in topics such as physical sciences, technology, medicine, social sciences, the arts, theology, education and literature. Includes full-text of the New York Times from 1985-present, and London Times from 1985-present. Includes full-text of 15 major reference works, such as Countries and Their Cultures, and Encyclopedia of World Biography.All articles include formatted citations, and can be emailed, bookmarked or printed.
Military _Intelligence.gif
Military and Intelligence Database Collection
Includes access to basic reference materials, such as a World Almanac, as well as full-text access to over 800 military-related periodicals with 12 million articles available in full-text. All articles may be printed, saved, or emailed, and all articles include formatted citations.
War and Terrorism Collection
Access 1.7 million articles from 100 periodicals related to conflict and their causes, as well as the social and cultural impact and perception. Titles include Airport Security Report, International Peace Update, Terrorism in the United States, and World Affairs. All articles may be printed, saved, or emailed, and all articles include formatted citations

external image 2000px-Seal_of_the_United_States_Department_of_State.svg.png
United States Department of State
BBC Country Profiles
Created and maintained by the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), this resource provides instant access to the history, politics, and economic background of the countries of the world.

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