Research on the Civil Rights Movement: Social Roles/Families in times of Struggle
Objective: I will explain the Civil rights movement on American Culture, the creation of equal rights, and how it is today for all people in the United States and around the world.

You will complete a sequential informative research essay on Women’s Rights (movement) from beginning to present. You will research the key people involved from the beginning. Your essay should include information on the Civil movement, voting rights, women, people of color and disabled people in the workplace, equal rights, and current status of women, people of color and disabled people in business and other countries.
  1. Generate research questions that will focus your essay sections that focus on the items in bold, such as: (you should have 10 questions total. You may use these questions)
  2. Who were the people who were first involved in the movement?
  3. What is the Civil Rights movement and why was it important?
  4. When and how did everyone get the right to vote?
  5. Fill out a frame that organizes how you will lay out your essay
  6. Break down each question to locate information that supports it
  8. Read and highlight information and put it into notes. You can do this is 2 ways. You can use note cards or notebook paper with a title of the section you are working on
  9. Create an outline using the questions as section topics (I) and the letters (a.b.c., etc) to put the information from when you broke your questions down further.
  10. Create your reference page. Make notes on the sources you intend to directly site
  11. Begin your rough draft
  12. Edit
  13. Teacher edit
  14. Final draft

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Research & Basic Citation