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Research on Censorship:
We have been reading about future where people are not allowed to own books or read books. The future we are exploring is a future where the government controls what is available for you to see visually and in written form. Your job will be to complete an essay in which you explain what it means to be censored. Your essay will include a definition of censorship, what kinds of information gets censored, who controls things that get censored, and how can people defend against being censored. You will create a 5 paragraph essay that will focus on these general topic ideas.


Generate research questions that will focus your essay sections and that focus on the questions listed below
  • What does it mean to be censored?
  • Who typically does the censoring?
  • What types of media can be censored?

Fill out a frame that organizes how you will lay out your essay.

Break down each question to locate information that supports it.

Print out or photocopy your sources so you can cite them.

Read and highlight information and put it into notes. You can do this two ways: with notecards or with a notebook.

Create an outline using the questions as section topics (I) and the letters (a., b., c., etc.) to put the information from when you broke your questions down further.

Create your reference page. Make notes on the sources you intend to directly cite.

Begin your rough draft.


Teacher edit.

Final Draft.
We will work on the beginning portion (Roman numeral I, II, III, IV) together. If you miss any days you are required to stay after to make up the section. You will have approximately three days to collect research information. You need to have 2 book sources and 2-3 internet sources. You may locate magazine articles, journal articles, audio and video. This will be completed by June 14. This will be a large portion of your final grade.


Almost all of these include the option to "Listen" - just look on the top or side menu bars!

"Fahrenheit 451" from Literature and Its Times

Defining censorship:

"Censorship" from Gale Encyclopedia of American Law
"Censorship" from International Encyclopedia of Social Science
"Censorship" from West's Encyclopedia of American Law
"Censorship" from Encyclopedia Britannica

Subjects or Topics to Consider:

American rights and laws:
Censorship in school:
Internet censorship:
Movie censorship:
Art censorship:
Science censorship:
  • "Galileo Galili" (Suppression of scientific knowledge by the Catholic Church) from World of Scientific Discovery
  • "Galileo Galili" from Encyclopedia of the Renaissance
Media and advertising:

General Resources

Encyclopedia Britannica - High School
Aimed at high school students, the Encyclopedia Britannica offers clear search features and results. Trusted material from the Encyclopedia Britannica, Merriam-Websters Dictionary and Thesaurus, as well as a World Atlas help make this a strong initial source for students. Now enhanced with graphics, video and other media links for even more comprehensive coverage. Britannica School editions all allow students to click on any word in an article for a definition, provide formatted citations, and let students listen to articles.
Gale Virtual Reference Library
Search over a hundred comprehensive and specialized reference books and multi-volume sets at once, in 18 standard subjects. Simple to browse or search, and all articles include citations. Sample titles included are: American Eras,Dictionary of American History, Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Musicians, Encyclopedia of Food and Culture,Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World, West's Encyclopedia of American Law, Gale Encyclopedia of Science, and Literature and Its Times. All articles include citations, and can be emailed, bookmarked or printed.
Opposing Viewpoints
Delivers a range of perspectives on thousands of important issues.
Includes 13,000 pro/con viewpoints, 1,000 court case overviews, thousands of topic overviews, biographies and profiles.Includes full-text articles, and national and global news sources, as well as image galleries, videos, audio and podcasts. Includes access to hundreds of reference publications, such as Current Controversies and Information Plus.
Clearly identifies and sorts results into "reference," "viewpoints," "primary source," "news," etc. All articles include formatted citations.
Communications and Mass Media Collection
Access 3 million articles from over 350 periodicals and magazines related to communications and mass media. Titles include Advertising Age, Mediaweek, Public Relations Quarterly, Journal of Business Communications, Colombia Journalism Review, and the Journal of Popular Film and Television. All articles include citations and may be printed, emailed, or bookmarked.
US History in Context
Includes full-text access to a variety of reference publications, such as American Decades, Civil Rights in the United States, and the Dictionary of American History. Includes primary source material, 6.9 million full-text articles from magazines and journals, image galleries, 6,700 video clips and 84,000 audio files. Clearly identifies and sorts results into "reference," "primary source," "news," etc. All articles include formatted citations.
World History in Context
Includes full-text access to a variety of reference publications, such as Encyclopedia of World History, Arts and Humanities through the Eras, and the Renaissance and Reformation Reference Library. Includes primary source material, 12.4 million full-text articles from magazines and journals, image galleries, 6,200 video clips and 83,000 audio files.Clearly identifies and sorts results into "reference," "primary source," "news," etc.All articles include formatted citations.
Military _Intelligence.gif
Military and Intelligence Database Collection
Includes access to basic reference materials, such as a World Almanac, as well as full-text access to over 800 military-related periodicals with 12 million articles available in full-text. All articles may be printed, saved, or emailed, and all include formatted citations.
Academic OneFile
Includes full-text access to 7,500 peer-reviewed journals, in topics such as physical sciences, technology, medicine, social sciences, the arts, theology, education and literature. Includes full-text of the New York Times from 1985-present, and London Times from 1985-present. Includes full-text of 15 major reference works, such as Countries and Their Cultures, Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine, Gale Encyclopedia of Science and Encyclopedia of World Biography. All articles include citations, and can be emailed, bookmarked or printed.
Expanded Academic ASAP
Expanded Academic ASAP offers users access to over 3,000 full-text journals, and magazines in a wide variety of topics, including science, humanities, social sciences, technology, news and general interest, all from 1980-present. Strong search features include "search within results," and the ability to filter results based on publication, format, subject and more. All articles include citations, and can be emailed, bookmarked or printed.
General One File
A comprehensive, general-interest source offering access to over 8,000 full-text periodicals, with a 25 year backfile. Users can also access 500 Fodor's travel guides, NPR transcripts and programs from 1990-present, and over 5,000 news clips. Also includes coverage of The New York Times from 1985 - Present and Financial Times from 1994-Present. Search results can be easily filtered, and all include formatted citations. Articles may be printed, emailed, bokmarked, listened to or even downloaded as mp3 files.
General Reference Center Gold
Includes key business and general interest titles, including national news, magazines, encyclopedias, and business journals, with 4,300 titles offered in full-text.
Includes full-text access to a variety of general reference sources, including Asimov's Encyclopedia of Science and Discovery, Benet's Reader's Encyclopedia of Literature, World Almanac and Book of Facts, Masterpieces of World Literature and the Encyclopedia of American Facts and Dates. All articles include citations, and can be emailed, bookmarked or printed.
InfoTrac Student
Aimed at High School students.
Includes 1,800 full-text magazines, newspapers, and general reference sources.
All articles include citations, and can be emailed, bookmarked or printed.
Censorship BY : Government, Church, Individuals, Corporations
Censorship OF: Internet, Books, Movies, Information, Art, Music