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Grade 12H

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Tuesday, October 1 and Wednesday, October 2: Work on individual notes in the library
Thursday, October 3, Monday October 7 and Tuesday, October 8: Groups work to plan and create presentations
Wednesday, October 9 and Thursday October 10: Open House (1/2 days)
Friday, October 11: All groups prepared to present

In order to fully understand the significance of the novel and its popularity, background on the author and the historical times proceeding, during, and following the action of the novel is essential. In addition to gaining an understanding of the novel, this will also be a chance for you to review research skills, presentation development, and MLA format for citation.

You will be graded on:
Group process: You work well in a group. You are respectful of each group member and everybody is included in the discussion and process of designing the presentation. This is observable - no one is just sitting around.

Content and authority: Your presentation gives all the important and relevant information for your topic. All information is accurate and through your presentation you show thorough understanding of the material.

Delivery and poise: Each group is expected to have a PowerPoint presentation. You may prepare handouts, or employ any other visual aid that might enhance your presentation. The PowerPoint slide show should be in your own words with few words on each slide - the purpose of the slide is to show the class what you learned and help you to organize your oral presentation. You should not simply read your slides to the class.
Presenters should have a professional tone that is authoritative and serious, yet lively and dedicated. The presentation is organized, flowing smoothly from beginning to end. Presenters are heard by everyone and speak confidently, without pauses, and at a comfortable pace. Body language is formal, but not stiff, and never distracting. Speakers make eye contact with the audience. Presenters share the task equally, with smooth transitions. No one just reads.

Turn in (For the Group): A bibliography and works cited page, both in MLA format. I only need one set for the group. The reference pages must be typed, MLA formatted; and must illustrate the use of academic and reliable sources. Sources must correspond with individual notes.

Turn in (Individual): Your individual notes with sources clearly labeled within the notes and an MLA formatted, typed bibliography. You will also be turning in a three-paragraph MLA formatted write-up about your experience working with your group and your participation during other presentations. The first paragraph should be about the contributions you made to the group's effort, the second paragraph should be a reflection about how your group's project and presentation turned out (what went well? what could have made it better?), and the third paragraph should be about what you learned (specifically) from the other groups' presentations that is significant to understanding Angela's Ashes.

Research Project and Presentation Grade

40 Points

Presentation is well prepared; information is presented clearly, and is accurate. Topic is covered sufficiently and accurately. All presenters are prepared and presentation is organized to run smoothly. Presenters share the task equally, with smooth transitions. No one just reads.
20 Points

Power point presentation is well-organized with clear pictures and words; thought and effort are obvious. Each slide is designed to offer bulleted points (no long paragraphs of information). The slide show is visually appealing. The presentation includes an MLA formatted Works Cited page to credit sources of quoted, paraphrased, and visual materials.
20 Points

Typed bibliography and works cited pages are provided for the group. All sources are reliable. All visual images and quoted or paraphrased material used in the PP presentation have been referenced in the works cited page. MLA format is used appropriately on both documents. Sources are reliable and academic.
50 Points

(Individual effort and input for the project. This portion of the grade is determined by input from group members and Ms. Lesser's observation of your work throughout the project.)
  • Class time is used appropriately for all aspects of this project; you are never just sitting around, and your active contribution to the group is obvious.
  • During the presentation - Your voice is heard by everyone and you speak confidently, without pauses, and at a comfortable pace. Body language is formal, but not stiff, and never distracting. You make eye contact with the audience. It is clear that you understand the information that you are presenting. You do not just read from a slide or paper.
  • You turn in individual notes with all sources labeled clearly using MLA format. An MLA formatted bibliography is attached to notes. Notes are in your own words with highlighted print-outs or copies where words are not your own. All sources used are academic and reliable. The notes you turn in reflect your time spent on task in the library.
20 Points

Three-paragraph individual write-up about the assignment: write-up is in MLA format and includes specific explanation about how your group worked together and what your role was; your opinion on how your group’s presentation went overall; and what you learned from your classmates’ presentations in connection with the novel. This reflection is composed with thoughtfulness and care.
150 Points

Total Points

Topic Questions

Ireland and Irish History
  • Locate Ireland on a world map and then find a map of Ireland. Locate the following places on the map - Dublin, Limerick, Belfast, Galway, Shannon River, Toome.
  • Why is Ireland divided into Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland? (gain an understanding of political and religious conflicts)
  • What are the origins of the Irish?
  • What was the social structure of Ireland in the 1930's and 1940's?
  • What has traditionally been the relationship between England and Ireland?
  • Why is Ireland divided today?
  • What is the I.R.A?
  • Relate your topic to scenes/characters/themes from Angela's Ashes

Irish Culture
  • What are some myths/legends and heroes of Ireland?
  • What are some festivals, traditions and customs of Ireland?
  • What are some of the qualities/abilities/stereotypes that are associated with the Irish?
  • What are the beliefs and practices of Catholicism?
  • What role has/does religion play in Irish life?
  • What is/was the link between the church and education in Ireland?
  • Relate your topic to scenes/characters/themes from Angela's Ashes

Irish Emigration
  • Why have people traditionally left Ireland?
  • What was the potato famine? (also look at cause and effect)
  • What was the reason behind the wave of emigration in the 30's?
  • What were the destinations of the Irish emigrants?
  • How were Irish immigrants received in America and how did they adapt to this new life?
  • Who are some famous Americans of Irish Descent? What are their stories?
  • Relate your topic to scenes/characters/themes from Angela's Ashes

Frank McCourt
  • What was his experience in America? Where is he now?
  • Why did he write his memoirs?
  • What became of his family and his relationship with them?
  • What other books did he write?
  • What prizes has he won?
  • What have critics said about his writing?
  • What have his family members said about his writing? Are their perspectives the same?

Citation Resources

Perdue University OWL (Online Writing Lab)

CHS Library Citation Tools and Tips