Adopt an Element Assignment and Rubric
Adopt an Element Poster Template


1. Complete an Adopt an Element information Sheet. (60% of grade)
You may use a variety of reference sources. Possible ideas are encyclopedias, books, or websites. Information sheets must be neat, written in black ink, and contain all information requested. You also need to provide a list of your sources on the back of your information sheet. A minimum of three sources are required.

2. Create an advertisement (poster) for your element. (40% of grade)
The advertisement must include the
  • element's name
  • symbol
  • atomic number
  • atomic mass
  • cost
  • an advertising slogan that describes one or more of its important uses
Advertisements must be neat, colorful, and contain all the information listed above. You may add pictures that relate to your advertisement theme.


Periodic Table of the Elements
An interactive periodic table from Los Alamos National Laboratory.
external image LogoChemicool.jpg
An interactive periodic table - Many include prices.
Encyclopedia Britannica - High School
Aimed at high school students, the Encyclopedia Britannica offers clear search features and results. Trusted material from the Encyclopedia Britannica, Merriam-Websters Dictionary and Thesaurus, as well as a World Atlas help make this a strong initial source for students. Now enhanced with graphics, video and other media links for even more comprehensive coverage. Britannica School editions all allow students to click on any word in an article for a definition, provide formatted citations, and let students listen to articles.
Science in Context
Includes full-text access to a variety of reference publications, such as the Encyclopedia of Science,Macmillan Science Library, Science and its Times, and Chemical Elements.
Includes full-text access to a variety of magazines, newspapers and journals.
Also includes experiments from Experiment Central, as well as videos, audio files, podcasts and image galleries. All articles include formatted citations.

Commodity Market Prices for Industrial and Rare Metals
Industrial metals are priced per metric ton, and rare metals are priced by Troy Ounce.

The Science Spot
Links about the elements and the periodic table.

An interactive periodic table.

InfoPlease Periodic Table
An interactive periodic table.