AP US History
Summer Work 2017

Copy of assignment
AP Long Essay Rubric
Foner Textbook (access with your school Google account) or here
Ira Berlin Essay

The following assignment is mandatory for enrollment in the Advanced Placement United States History class.

The work will be graded based on the AP long essay question (LEQ) rubric. The average of the summer work will be calculated and serve as the first test grade for Term 1.

Essays must be handed in at the main office no later than August 21st at 3pm. Place your essays in an envelope, labeled with your name and Mr. Auclair/Mrs. Burque — AP History Summer Work. Double space and label each essay!

If any questions arise during the summer, you may contact us via email at either jauclair@cpsge.org. or jburque@cpsge.org. We will try to check this email as often as possible, and we will make every possible effort to respond to questions. We will try to check our messages and respond once a week. You may also leave a message for us at the school.

Foner, Eric. Give Me Liberty! An American History. New York: W.W. Norton and Co. 2005

Check out the Text Supplements on the Internet. There are detailed outlines, flashcards, videos, and other supplemental information to help you as you read.


Answer the following essay questions. Remember to answer each question in five paragraph format with a clear thesis located in paragraph one. Underline your thesis sentence. Double-space and label each essay. Essays will be graded based on the AP Long Essay Rubric.
  1. Assess the extent to which the Civil War changed American society. (Syllabus: continuity and change over time)
  2. What were the political, economic, and social changes that led to the overthrow if Reconstruction by 1877? (Syllabus: continuity and change over time)