AP US History 11
Project - 1920s Documentaries

Assignment and Rubric

The decade of the 1920s is considered one of the most conservative decades in American history. However, it also reflected an emerging youth and popular culture. The traditional rural values of an earlier generation clashed with the new urban, modern culture. This tension was apparent in Prohibition, the reemergence of the Ku Klux Klan, and incidences such as the Scopes Trial. The paradoxes of this decade make it one of the most interesting in American history.

In this assignment, you (or your group) will create a brief documentary on one topic related to 1920s America. Your presentation should include text, cartoons, and, photographs that will help “teach” your peers. The video should be approximately 5 minutes long and will be created using Adobe Voice on the iPads. Your presentation must cover your topic in a comprehensive and thorough manner.

On a separate sheet of paper, create a bibliography in MLA format.

You will be assigned one of the following topics:
  1. The Sacco and Vanzetti trial
  2. The Fundamentalist Revolt and the Scopes Trial
  3. The effects of Prohibition and the rise of organized crime (2)
  4. Arts, literature, and popular culture of the 1920s (not associated with the Harlem Renaissance) (2)
  5. Republican politics in the 1920s (2)
  6. Calvin Coolidge and the consumer economy of the 1920s
  7. The Harlem Renaissance (2)
  8. The second Ku Klux Klan
  9. Immigration and nativism in the 1920s
  10. “The New Woman” of the 1920s
  11. The U.S. and international diplomacy in the 1920s
  12. Organized labor and labor strikes

Research Sources

Gale Virtual Reference Library
Search over a hundred comprehensive and specialized reference books and multi-volume sets at once, in 18 standard subjects. Sample titles included are: American Eras, Dictionary of American History, Cinema History,West's Encyclopedia of American Law, Roaring Twenties Reference Library, and St. James Pop Culture Encyclopedia. All articles include formatted citations.
US History in Context
Includes full-text access to a variety of reference publications, such as American Decades,Civil Rights in the United States, and the Dictionary of American History. Includes primary source material, 6.9 million full-text articles from magazines and journals, image galleries, 6,700 video clips and 84,000 audio files. Clearly identifies and sorts results into "reference," "primary source," "news," etc. All articles include formatted citations.
Biography in Context
Biographies of 600,000 individuals, with 50,000 added each year.
Includes additional information through full-text access to reference books, newspapers, and journals. All articles include formatted citations.
Digital History - Online textbook
Use the tabs at the top to find textbook articles on many of the topics, and also find high-quality images and audio tracks. Use bibme.org to create a citation.
US History.org
An online US History textbook. Use the drop-down menus for a complete table of contents. Includes concise, readable entries for most topics. Use bibme.org to create a citation.

Image Sources

ad browser.PNG
Vintage Ad Browser
Search over 100,000 vintage advertisements by subject or date.
loc - broadsides.PNG
Library of Congress Advertising
Search six collections from the LOC's vast archive of material at once, including advertisements, broadsides and posters from 1600 to today. Be sure to view your results in "Gallery View" instead of "List View."
Advertising Archive
The advertising archive has over a million searchable advertisements from the Victorian era to today.
Search by keyword or browse by categoryor browse by subject
Duke University Advertising Archive
Search over 7,000 U.S. and Canadian advertisements covering five product categories - Beauty and Hygiene, Radio, Television, Transportation, and World War II propaganda - dated between 1911 and 1955. Use the tab located under the splash graphic to browse by date, company, subject or company.

Documentary Creation

Intro Video
Sample Videos
Tutorial Videos (2 minutes each)

Have a script ready and images saved to your Google Drive. All students have a school Google Account - Ask for help if you haven't used it yet!
Once you are ready, you will move to the iPads. Take the SAME iPAD every day!
external image Apps-Google-Drive-icon.png

Open Google Drive and sign in.
View your pictures and "save" them to your iPad.
external image Adobe-Voice-app-for-iPad-allows-users-to-create-a-video-presentation.jpg

Open Adobe Voice and create a free account. This saves your work to the cloud.


  1. "Create a Story." Give it a title and "Make Up My Own" structure.
  2. Add icons, photos or text to your slide.
  3. "+" at the bottom will add a new slide.
  4. Change the layout (add captions, multiple images, etc.), theme and music at the top.
  5. Find a quiet corner to record your voiceover.
  6. Play (at the bottom) will preview video.
  7. Share will finalize and upload your video (will take a little while).
  8. Pick "Copy link to clipboard."
  9. Give your iPad to Ms.Tarr so she can collect all the links when they are finished.